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The purpose of this page is to draw a picture of myself and describe my abilities.

For full career history, please refer to my C.V.

I started my career at Plessey as a telecommunications and electronics apprentice. The apprenticeship included studying for an HND and working in all areas of the Plessey business at their Beeston site in Nottingham.
Following my apprenticeship, I worked in the Field Repair Unit, where I repaired all of Plessey's products to component level and modified designs to reduce failure rates in the field.

In 1989, I moved to Nortel to run a verification test department for a newly developed PBX. While there, I gained total knowledge of the PBX and, once we were ready to field trial, I was one of the few people who had a full end-to-end understanding of the system. So I naturally became the field trial manager. I ran field trials in several countries around the world. Many in the Far East and all were successful.

Nortel then re-used me on many New Product Introduction programmes as I had proved to be very comfortable in politically risky situations and had demonstrated great skill when dealing with problems involving major customers. I represented Nortel in several Standards forums and became the editor of DAVIC's data transmission chapter. I regularly attended meetings in Westminster and Whitehall where UK legislation got in the way of new technology.

While at Nortel, I studied and earned a Masters Degree in Computer Science.

I went on to achieve many European and World firsts. Here is a small list of my achievements (please refer to my C.V. for more detail).

The first Video call between BT and Mercury's networks.
The first Trans Atlantic Video call (from ISDN to Switch56).
The First Video Call from PC to Apple Macintosh.
Designed and built Europe's first Cable Modem network in Germany for InfoCity.
Built the World's first successful Powerline communication network (IP data over power distribution cables).
The World's first Voice over IP on power cables.
First successful data transmission over power cables in USA.
First successful data transmission over power cables in Australia.
The first Trans Atlantic Voice over IP Call.
Deployed Europe's First 3G mobile telephone products and services.

I don't take the credit for these achievements single handed, usually I was part of a team or had a team working with me. But in addition to the technical achievements, there have been many political and business challenges. I take great pride in my success in this area. I have had countless meetings with customers and business partners in addition to many meetings in Westminster and Whitehall campaigning for (and achieving) government support for new technologies and even changes in legislation.


In recent years I have spent most of my time as a consultant in the Systems Integration and business transformation sector. I have completed a range of projects and programmes for many clients including Cisco, BBC, C&W, Bertelsmann MG, Siemens, Atos Origin and Capita.


I am now working on a new venture and I am part way through studying for a law degree in my spare time.


Life’s good and I keep finding new ways to challenge and stretch myself.

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